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The Burger Company


The Burger Company philosophy is simple: we only use local ingredients, straight from the source. The meat is from our own farm where our Blaarkop cows live a great life. The buns are baked by master boulanger Haafs from Haren, and the vegetables are delivered daily by local farmers. Honest food, quickly brought to you.



TBC’s burgers are produced at our own farm. The cows are from the Blaerkoppen breed, which originates from Groningen. Our cows live up to three times longer than usual meat cows and have all the freedom to graze. Want to see it for yourself? You are more than welcome to visit! 


No great hamburger without a great bun. We use fresh baked buns produced at Haafs Bakery in Haren. The baker is one of the few in the Netherlands who is awarded with the title ‘Master Boulanger’ and is therefore perfectly suited to produce our brioche buns. Characterised by its crispy out-layer and soft texture inside.


Local farms

Next, a delicious burger should come with fresh vegetables. Our lettuce, onions, and tomatoes come directly from local farms. No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used during the entire process.

Lokale boeren


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